The Medici Family

The medici family was a famous baking family during the time of renaissance, they rose to power because:

The medici family had many clever marriages arranged, which helped them a load to seiz power in italy, marrying dukes of grand cities.

They were also very famous and powerful becuase they were very amitious, and they were very clever in baking.

Why was the medici good?

The medici was a good and powerful family becuase they were the most striving and disciplined families at thier time. They had very clever arrangments which gave them strategic advantages, and let royal blood flow in their families vains. The medici was a family that supported many artists, making arrangments for them, and supporting them financially. They also bought many world famous paintings, and they supplied the church a bit aswell with paintings.

Were the medici bad?

I do believe the medici had to go on the way of bribery and oppression so they could reach the position they were in at thier time. They also did kill many people who were against their ideas.  As allready said though, i do believe  that they did not have any option but to be cruel and vicious so they could take their position in history as on eor posibly the most powerful family in rennassance of italy.

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Cloning was an idea of the far seen future for many centuries. A copy of a person, perfect in every way.  A clone should look the same as the original copy, same in every way. Cloning is the idea to have a copy of oneself. It is amazing that science can copy animals now genetically. I think this is a big step in science, and has a lot of good sides to it. For example, meat is always becoming more limited, if cloning goes into full production there will be no struggle for meat any longer. Cloning is not very good though, sitting on the idea that the animals were as god made them, but they were born in a lab. I think cloning is a bad thing aswell, because it is not clear yet how diseases might get created through cloning. Cloning is also good though thinking about the idea of organ donation. I think this because often people’s bodies reject body parts, but for example if you would need a new liver and it’s from your own genes, then your body would not reject it.This would save many lives and increase the chance of survival by a great amount.

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo was born on the 15th of february 1564, and died on the 8th january 1642 in florence. Galileo was a very intelligent person and studied at the university for arts and design in florence. After graduating he started giving lessons in local universities, and later on started to be a teacher himself. He later on got supported by the Medici, the only terms the Medici set Galileo is that whenever he invented something or discovered a new theory he would have to share it at the court of the Medici before he would introduce it to the known world. He had to face the fact that the church was against many ideas that he had, such as the idea that the earth was round, not flat and hell was under the earth, and heaven was above the world, which was wrong.  His renaissance point of views such as individualism which means that every person should try his best, and strive to his best potential. The church saw it differently, and though that life was all about preparing for the afterlife in heaven or hell. Galileo’s life has a great connection, such as his theory to about gravity which existed 500 years before newton, and his idea that the world is round, not flat. These ideas got him life long house arrest, and he died lonely in his house in florence 1642.

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Architecture of the White House

The white house is a building which is world-famous. It is rather new in the world’s history, but the methods used to create this buildings reach deep into the history of man kind as far as the Greeks.

As you can see the white house is structured symmetrically, as there are evenly spread columns at the front, and windows evenly spread along the side of the building, as the Greeks did with evenly spread columns. Triangular pediments were very famous during the time of the Greeks and romans, these would be set on the top of either a palace or Temple.

White House Tours

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Filippo Brunelleschi

Filippo Brunelleschi was born in florence in 1377, and died 15th of april, 1446. He was the apprentice of a goldsmith, and that is how he learned to construct, create, mountain and engrave and invent new ways of building. He at his time studied the motion of time, which was very extraordinary. He went int places like Greece so he could see how the roofs were made from circular column, this is how he realized his technique worked, and how he got so famous through his extraordinary techniques.

Brunelleschi was the person who rediscovered the method of rounded pillars. He had to travel the whole way to Greece to rediscover and test the variety of possibilities that could have been used to construct these types of buildings. You could connect his work to buildings all over the world such as the white house, the royal palace in Amsterdam, the Reichstag and the ark de triumph.  

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modern connection from the rennaissance

The crossbow was a weapon often used in the middle ages, it was used as another choice instead of the bow. It was a piece of wood with a streched string used to arm arrows, which was formed to fix to the shoulder. The first version was a simple bow with a string, but later on harder wood and better string was used for the creasion of crossbows. One thing the crossbow did not have was the long distance shot, which the long bow had, another problem the crossbow had was the fact that it took longer to reload with a crossbow, then with a normal bow. This invention allways got pushed on and developed, and still today the crossbow gets used for hunting, on carnivals shooting at targets, but it even gets used for combat, as there are oxploxing arrows, in real as in games.

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art botticelli

Alessandro Filipepi was a boy in the backstreets of florence when he was raised by his brother and given the nichname boticelli called little barrel. Lorenzo had a very conplicated life, revealing one of the most important and daring piece of art during the renaissance, where ome had  to be locked up half a century. Sandro pillipeli was his real name, but as he started a great carrer he was becoming famous under his nickname. Botticelli was a great artist and also painted the painting which i have to present to the class, the painting is called la culunnia; which means the collumns.

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