Filippo Brunelleschi

Filippo Brunelleschi was born in florence in 1377, and died 15th of april, 1446. He was the apprentice of a goldsmith, and that is how he learned to construct, create, mountain and engrave and invent new ways of building. He at his time studied the motion of time, which was very extraordinary. He went int places like Greece so he could see how the roofs were made from circular column, this is how he realized his technique worked, and how he got so famous through his extraordinary techniques.

Brunelleschi was the person who rediscovered the method of rounded pillars. He had to travel the whole way to Greece to rediscover and test the variety of possibilities that could have been used to construct these types of buildings. You could connect his work to buildings all over the world such as the white house, the royal palace in Amsterdam, the Reichstag and the ark de triumph.  

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