Galileo Galilei

Galileo was born on the 15th of february 1564, and died on the 8th january 1642 in florence. Galileo was a very intelligent person and studied at the university for arts and design in florence. After graduating he started giving lessons in local universities, and later on started to be a teacher himself. He later on got supported by the Medici, the only terms the Medici set Galileo is that whenever he invented something or discovered a new theory he would have to share it at the court of the Medici before he would introduce it to the known world. He had to face the fact that the church was against many ideas that he had, such as the idea that the earth was round, not flat and hell was under the earth, and heaven was above the world, which was wrong.  His renaissance point of views such as individualism which means that every person should try his best, and strive to his best potential. The church saw it differently, and though that life was all about preparing for the afterlife in heaven or hell. Galileo’s life has a great connection, such as his theory to about gravity which existed 500 years before newton, and his idea that the world is round, not flat. These ideas got him life long house arrest, and he died lonely in his house in florence 1642.

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