Cloning was an idea of the far seen future for many centuries. A copy of a person, perfect in every way.  A clone should look the same as the original copy, same in every way. Cloning is the idea to have a copy of oneself. It is amazing that science can copy animals now genetically. I think this is a big step in science, and has a lot of good sides to it. For example, meat is always becoming more limited, if cloning goes into full production there will be no struggle for meat any longer. Cloning is not very good though, sitting on the idea that the animals were as god made them, but they were born in a lab. I think cloning is a bad thing aswell, because it is not clear yet how diseases might get created through cloning. Cloning is also good though thinking about the idea of organ donation. I think this because often people’s bodies reject body parts, but for example if you would need a new liver and it’s from your own genes, then your body would not reject it.This would save many lives and increase the chance of survival by a great amount.

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