The Medici Family

The medici family was a famous baking family during the time of renaissance, they rose to power because:

The medici family had many clever marriages arranged, which helped them a load to seiz power in italy, marrying dukes of grand cities.

They were also very famous and powerful becuase they were very amitious, and they were very clever in baking.

Why was the medici good?

The medici was a good and powerful family becuase they were the most striving and disciplined families at thier time. They had very clever arrangments which gave them strategic advantages, and let royal blood flow in their families vains. The medici was a family that supported many artists, making arrangments for them, and supporting them financially. They also bought many world famous paintings, and they supplied the church a bit aswell with paintings.

Were the medici bad?

I do believe the medici had to go on the way of bribery and oppression so they could reach the position they were in at thier time. They also did kill many people who were against their ideas.  As allready said though, i do believe  that they did not have any option but to be cruel and vicious so they could take their position in history as on eor posibly the most powerful family in rennassance of italy.

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