How is the renaissance connected to the modern world?

the renaissance is connected to our world a lot through art. Art is the method the renaissance used art a  lot to free their ideas. artists theese days use linear perspective, which is an idea that came to light during the renaissance. This technique was made by a man called filippo bruneleshi.

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Introduction to the Renaissance

the renaissance was a time period between the 1300 to 1400 when the european world took a new turn. The church lost power due to the black death, the poor farming and the request for too much food and resources coming from the lords. It was expresed with new styles such as shading, perspective, emotion and color. Its the time that freed us today and that made people still believe in god, but also see other paths in life but comiting the soul to heaven and the church.It gave us the printing press from gutenberg gave people the chance to buy books, due to them becoming cheaper and more commen. This spread new ideas and made people change perspectivess.

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